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Undercurrents: meditations on power  2023
 a new film by  Margot Nash  

Made from reimagined/recycled images and sounds from the filmmaker’s archive and other found materials, Undercurrents is a poetic essay documentary about the undercurrents of history playing out in the present. It is a meditation on the global rise of the far-right, war and the nuclear threat. It explores links between patriarchal power, the environmental crisis, racism and colonisation and pays tribute to the life affirming power of resistance. 
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Critics Honourable Mention, Melbourne Women in Film Festival

Film Festivals and Screenings


Festival International de Films de Femmes, Creteil

Antenna Documentary Film Festival, Australian Shorts competition.

Festival International  de Films de Femmes, Creteil Paris

Melbourne Women in Film Festival


Canberra Film Festival

Wauchope Arts 'Stories for the Future'

Adelaide Film Festival

Warsaw International Film Festival

Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF)

Producer, Director, Editor:  Margot Nash

Sound mix, online and colour grade: Michael Gissing, Digital City Studios

Narration recording: Luke Bacon 

Narrated by: Margot Nash

Archival restorations: Ray Argall

Music: Selected music from Shadow Panic, composer Elizabeth Drake; selected music from Vacant Possession, composer Alistair Jones

Completion date                                                                    2023

Genres                                                                                     Documentary, Short

                                                                                                  Experimental, Hybrid 

Shooting format                                                                     HD, DV, 16mm, Super 8

Running time                                                                          19 minutes 22 seconds

Speed                                                                                       24fps

Resolution                                                                               1920 x 1080

Aspect ratio                                                                             1:85:1 

Screening Format                                                                   DCP

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