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No Master Territories: Feminist World Making and the Moving Image
Curators: Erika Balsom and Hila Peleg
Museum of Modern Art Warsaw May 9 -July 23 2023  

Anarcho Surrealist Insurrecionary Feminists ASIF film poster and magazines and film:


We Aim To Please 1976 13min a film by Robin Laurie and Margot Nash

A landmark feminist experimental film about women’s identities and desire for liberation.

Using the camera both to explore their own bodies and to express their joys, fears and longings.

Undercurrents: meditations on power

 a film by  Margot Nash

A 20 minute poetic essay documentary about the undercurrents of history playing out in the present. A 'song' for the dark times. It is also (at its heart) about the power of resistance. 
Coming soon

See Press Kit @ 21 April 2023





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