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We Aim To Please 1976 13min a film by Robin Laurie and Margot Nash
Anarcho Surrealist Insurrecionary Feminists ASIF film, poster and magazines exhibiting in:
No Master Territories HKW (Haus de Kulturen der Weldt) 
Feminist World Making and the Moving Image
Berlin June 19 - August 28

At a time when feminism is enjoying a mainstream resurgence but must be reclaimed from a neoliberal emphasis on individual success, and when the hybridization of documentary and artists’ film occupies a vital place in the landscape of contemporary practices, the exhibition No Master Territories makes a strategic return to the past. By revisiting the period of the 1970s to 1990s, it aims both to pay homage to the important work that has come before and to respond to the urgencies of the present.

Bridging the fields of documentary and artists’ film, No Master Territories assembles a plurality of practices to offer an expansive, intersectional account of underappreciated encounters between feminism and the moving image. Across a polycentric, global geography, it maps how artists and filmmakers have explored the nexus of gender and power and charts sites at which feminism connects to other struggles for justice.


Curators: Erika Balsom and Hila Peleg


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Catalogue Eassay and Curation

Cinema Reborn: The Waterside Workers Federation Film Unit 1953-1958

Norma Disher, Keith Gow, Jock Levy







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 New For Love Or Money Trailer and information Kit
For Love Or Money 1983 Digitally Restored by the National Film and Sound Archive:
a film by Megan McMurchy, Margot Nash, Margot Oliver and Jeni Thornley
Distributed by Ronin Films